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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hello again! :D I know, it's been a while... :P It's wonderful to be back, and (finally) settled in my new workspace, (in the commandeered dining room of our new home. ;) ) so I'm going to make this post full of all the 'catching up' and goodies that I've made since the last post. Here we go...! ;D
 July and August were spent in a flurry of unpacking, building studio storage and placing furniture throughout the house...

September saw my first ever giveaway on Facebook. I figured I'd go with a sparkly 0.5ct raw, Conflict Free, diamond bar necklace set in sterling silver. (Awesome for those upcoming Holiday get-togethers. ;) ) A whole lot of fun, and very happily won by a lovely woman from my home province of Manitoba! :D Keep an eye out for future giveaways, as I'll definitely be doing more. ;)

Also during September, I made up a wonderful variety of new jewellery, which I made available in my Etsy shop, and much of which has been now sold. (Yay!) Shown above; 1ct total of raw, Conflict Free, diamond and silver earrings. Some of the other creations from August/September are shown below...

A 'Manifestation' Herkimer Diamond, (A complete crystal within a crystal) set in a deep sterling silver setting that just begs you to dive into it...

A Herkimer and a green Tourmalinated Quartz cab pendant. Like a  sunny Summer's day... ;)

A very fun setting experiment gone right, with an Almandine Garnet and sterling silver...

A sparkly, rock candy like Herkimer ring. (One of two that I made. This one having been sold almost immediately.)

Hessonite Garnet and a Herkimer. A really lovely Autumnal combination that was instantly adopted from my shop.  :D

A Labradorite, Tourmalinated Aquamarine, and Black Tourmaline in silver pendant. (Added to my personal collection. ;) )

A Herkimer and Peridot combination that reminds me of a storm cloud over a green field. I was very inspired by the mossy, forested world surrounding me for these latest creations.

After making all those lovelies, I realised how difficult it was to find tools when I wanted them, (from within the pile of chaos I'd created in my cupboard) so I used a Saturday afternoon and some wood scraps from the basement to make this spiffy jewellery making tool rack. (Yep, I'm proud. ;) )

This past week, and the week before was taken over by beginning to carve a walking stick for a customer in Florida, having the flu, then carving some more and working on all my lovely new gift boxes for shipping orders out during the coming Holiday Season! :D

All this while working on re-doing our roof!
So now you can see why it's been so long since my last post, but I'll try and keep them more current as things settle down a bit.
I hope everyone's had a wonderful Summer and I look forward to sharing the coming Autumn and Winter seasons with you! Thanks for reading and sticking with me. Your support and interest makes it all worthwhile! <3


  1. I am so jealous of your lovely commandeered room - the light looks fantastic :) I am beyond impressed with your workbench too! x

    1. The light is really wonderful, and the bench was definitely a necessity, as I tend to sssspppreeeaaaadddd out all over the place as I work. (Usually leaving me a teeny-tiny spot on the desk in which I actually create, while surrounded by tools, the puppy, the cats, brushes, paints, silver and various supplies. ;) ) There's an updated pic of my Summer studio out in the guesthouse further along in the more recent posts... Noooo, don't be jealous! YOUR space is awesome! :D

      Hope you're having a great Summer so far!
      <3 Martha

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